“Will my daughter lose her girls only soccer team?”

  • As we have already experienced with Title IX, all-male and all-female sports teams will not be eliminated.
    • Title IX requires that men and women’s programs receive the same levels of service, facilities, supplies, etc..
    • Men’s and women’s programs may differ as long as the government can justify the differences.
  • How America moves forward with single sex sports teams is more likely to reflect any shifts in social viewpoints / standards. 
    • Cultural arguments against “equality of rights under the law regardless of sex” used to include gay marriage, women in combat, and social security benefits. The fear based logic in the 60’s and 70’s was that the 28th Amendment (Equal Rights) would force cultural change and if they could stop the amendment the cultural change would not occur. 
    • American culture evolved and continues to evolve even as the promise of gender equality is still missing in our Constitution. 
    • This equality gap in our Constitution will never stop a cultural shift, but it does continue to be a barrier in gender discirmination court proceedings. For more information, please see the FAQ “Why Needed 
  • The 28th Amendment applies directly to government action, not private organizations such as the NFL or U.S. Soccer Association. It is of note that these two organizations, along with many others, have already taken a public stance in support of the 28th Amendment. For a longer list of organizations that support the 28th Amendment, check the FAQ “Who Supports



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