“Will we all have to use the same bathrooms?”

  • Existing privacy rights will continue to protect appropriate separation of facilities for performing intimate bodily functions.
  • There are many public places where it is already commonplace to have universal restroom facilities (airplanes, restaurants, hotels, private homes, etc.) without issue.
  • Anyone planning to advance this argument should be mindful of the economic cost to North Carolina when it passed discriminatory bathroom legislation. (source, Charlotte Observer
    • At least one company chose to relocate to Virginia instead of North Carolina, boosting the Virginia economy by ~730 jobs and a $250M capital investment. 
    • The NBA All Star game was moved to another state.
    • Concerts scheduled in North Carolina were canceled.



“Won’t women contractors lose enhanced status for contract bids?”


“What kind of impact is COVID-19 having on gender equality?”


“Does constitutional equality mean women will be drafted?”


“What is the history of the 28th Amendment (Equal Rights)?”
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