“What government gender discrimination is happening now?”

  • Because gender equality is not constitutionally protected, people experiencing gender discrimination must litigate against government-sponsored sex discrimination on a case-by-case basis.
  • Insufficient investigation and/or willful neglect of sexual violence cases by federal / state governments (and all its many branches) should be treated as intentional discrimination.
    • Failure to take claims seriously
    • Failure to staff for known issues
    • Failure to investigate
    • Failure to process criminal evidence (rape kits)
    • Failure to staff hospitals with forensic nurses
    • Failure to enforce Orders of Protection
    • Failure to prosecute
  • The 28th Amendment (Equal Rights) clarifies and empowers Congress to enact legislation, like the Violence Against Women Act’s civil rights remedy, to protect victims of gender motivated violence.
  • Parental leave should be available to all parents, regardless of gender.



“Won’t women contractors lose enhanced status for contract bids?”


“What kind of impact is COVID-19 having on gender equality?”


“Does constitutional equality mean women will be drafted?”


“What is the history of the 28th Amendment (Equal Rights)?”